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Our Lenses

Our lens partner Hoya UK Ltd provides a wide range of Award-Winning lenses including single vision, bifocal and progressive design lenses. You can have the thinnest, flattest and lightest lenses available which include Polarisation to enhance colour, Sensity lenses that darken in the light and EnRoute – a lens specially made to enhance visual performance in poor quality light. All available with Hoya’s premium lens coating which is unconditionally guaranteed for 12 months – even if the dog chews them!

Watch the premium coating video here https://youtu.be/ENjSPx3lJQU

Single Vision

Hoya have a wide range of single vision lenses available to suit every prescription. Their lenses are made with TrueForm technology giving a better visual performance in all directions of gaze through the lens.

Their range includes

Nulux Identity

Is our premium single vision customised product. Utilising Aspheric/Atoric technology it provides visual sharpness in all direction of gaze over the entire lens surface to create an ultra-thin result. We can completely tailor this lens to suit your individual requirements and create the largest area of precise image focussing possible.

Nulux Active

This is the go-to lens before prescribing a varifocal lens design. It is thinner and flatter with an enhanced area of clarity and depth of field. It guarantees a more focussed vison on all directions and variable distances and is ideal for reducing strain when using digital devices.

Nulux Sportive

This is the lens for spectacle wearers who need protection when participating in sport. This lens is optimised for high curved frames which allows sports wrap frames to be glazed with your prescription.

This lens comes in a choice of impact-resistant lens materials and 100% UV protection.


Indoor Lenses

A range of lens designs specifically made to enhance the wearers experience while working indoors. These lenses range from enhanced reading lenses to fully customisable indoor progressive design allowing superior vision at all distances.

These lenses consider the working environment and the variable distances we need to focus while being in an office-based role. This lens provides an indoor solution and can be tailored to individual working conditions.

Their range includes

ID WorkStyle

The premier indoor solution that is tailored to individual working conditions. Available in 3 design variations to allow maximum performance for your particular needs. – space, for the office, Screen distance & near distance- it offers optimal depth and width perception at near and intermediate distances.

Blue Control Lens Coating

In today’s digital world we are surrounded by tech that emits blue light. Hoya’s Blue Control coating helps neutralise the blue light from Smart phones, laptops, computers, televisions and GP’s devices. A Blue Control coating on your lenses will give more comfortable and relaxed vision, prevent eyestrain, eye fatigue, and may also have a positive effect on sleeplessness. Blue control is recommended for people who spend considerable time using digital devices including gamers and office workers. We supply all of our indoor lenses with a Blue Control coating as standard.

Watch the blue control coating video here. https://youtu.be/tPZHujWKnr8


Progressive lenses (Varifocals)

Having Hoya as our lens supplier means that we can offer award winning multifocal lens designs. All of their progressive design lenses are made with either TrueForm Technology or ID FreeForm Design Technology. We are so confident that you will love your lenses that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Their range includes

Hoya MySelf

Hoya MySelf is Hoya’s most premium personalised progressive lens. This is the only lens to use 2 pioneering technologies to significantly reduce distortion and swaying effects, a common complaint of varifocal wearers. Hoya’s AdaptEase technology allows the wearer to easily transition through intermediate and reading zones of the lens. Binocular Harmonisation™ is Hoya patented award-winning technology that considers both eyes as individual components despite differing prescriptions to ensure optimal correction in all direction of gaze through the entire surface of the lens. The result means the wearer can move their gaze from distance to near with such ease you may forget you are wearing a progressive design lens. This lens offers superior visual clarity especially when using digital devices.

Personalisation Matters

Progressive lenses that are individually tailored to your needs can actually improve the quality and comfort of your vision by:

  • improving depth perception to produce a 3D (HD) effect.
  • increased width of clear focussing at intermediate by 14% and nearby 20%.
  • reducing swim/sway effect for prescriptions with astigmatism.
ID MyStyle

MyStyle ID is the original individualised progressive that puts everything into instant focus. This lens incorporates Hoya’s award-winning Binocular Harmonization Technology™ which takes the prescriptions for each eye and they are considered as individual components allowing ease of focus and adaptability to this lens.

Watch the Binocular harmonisation video here https://youtu.be/oCLkBahKgF4



Watch the Sensity video here https://youtu.be/fOoUQ30gM5s

Stabilight Technology™ Grey, Green, or Brown colour options.

Sensity is Hoya’s photochromic lens which change with the outdoor light conditions. These lenses not only change with the light but also consider temperature allowing for limited contrast on colder days. Stabilight Technology™ takes the Hoya Sensity lens to the next level. The reaction times are quicker, twice as fast as standard photochromic lenses and the clarity becomes clearer when the light diminishes. They tint is as dark at a category 3 sun spec lens and provide 100% UV protection. These lenses have the option of a pleasing soft shine to the finish or a newly introduced mirror finish. They are specifically tailored with freeform technology and are compatible with almost all Hoya single vision, bifocal and progressive lens designs. Call in and see for yourself.

The range includes

Sensity Dark

Sensity dark is Hoya’s latest innovation in light reactive lenses. This lens takes photochromic lenses to the next level by making their reaction time quicker and depth of transmission darker. Unlike other photochromic lenses this lens darkens behind the windscreen.

Sensity Shine

Sensity shine is a silky-smooth coating over the surface of the lens which provides an extra design layer to the actual lenses. Sensity shine gives the wearer an exclusive look thanks to a light mirror coating which is more intense in the light and more subtle indoors. It suits the fashion conscious because of its technical feature. Sensity shine enhances the beauty of the sun thanks to its light mirror coating and excellent darkening technology.


Driving Lenses

Many people spend a large amount of then behind the wheel and often complain of visual driving hazards such as night driving, rain, and oncoming glare from headlights and streetlights. Most streetlights and cars are now using LED/Zenon lights and it is this visible light that caused drivers so much discomfort.

Their range includes

Watch the enRoute video here https://youtu.be/0ixwDYVxHmU


The Hoya EnRoute lens is made with a specific filter built into the matrix of the lens which inhibits the high energy light transmission. All EnRoute lenses are available in ultra-thin lens material.

EnRoute Pro

This lens is designed with the Professional driver in mind and comes with a contrast improvement filter. (brown tint 10/12% absorption). The performance of this lens is enhanced when we calculate your dashboard viewing distance, this then enhances the driving experience both inside and outside of the vehicle.

We have discovered through dispensing this lens that is has a marked difference for anyone who is adverse to light and bad lighting conditions. This lens also carries a 30-day money back guarantee. Ask us for a demonstration on how these lenses reduce glare from oncoming headlights.