Exceptional comfort in the blink of an eye

This is the only contact lens made which protects the surface of the eye due to the release of a Tear Film Substitute from within the lens when you blink. This unique process has a controlled release of Natural Tear Substitutes from the lens which ensures the physiological relationship between the tear film and the ocular surface is stable. This release ensures there is less stiffness and rigidity in the lens with an edge design which produces less friction and sensation.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

The patented lens design creates an extended depth of field (EDOF) due to the elimination of High Order Aberrations. The result — exceptional quality of eyesight due to the transmission of 97% of visible light. Contrast sensitivity is increased ensuring enhanced eyesight in poor quality light.

Available in 1 day, weekly and monthly wear format. Single vision, Toric and Presbyo prescription.

Silicone material lenses from high profile lens suppliers don’t allow any exchange of water or processes that can clean or revitalise the inside of the lens material. The monthly lens has a special cleaning system that destroys all bacteria during the cleaning process. It’s like putting in a fresh new lens in every morning!!

These Premium Quality lenses are very competitively priced, however you won’t get them online or from major suppliers like Specsavers, Vision Express or Boots. Currently ONLY available in Aberdeen from J&L – “Always looking to the future“