Initially I was sceptical about the benefits of using Blephex, however after visiting a colleague who uses it, I was immediately convinced that I needed to have one.

Like many practitioners I see many blepharitis patients where routine conventional treatment plans have not worked as they had hoped. One of the main problems is compliance – taking the time to adhere to applying heat therapy and using lid wipes despite continual prompting about the benefits of regular use it frequently feels monotonous and non-productive.

We are very impatient. The answer is Blephex.


Anterior Blepharitis - can be caused by bacteria and scalp dandruff from the lashes. Posterior blepharitis MGD (Meibomian Gland Disfunction) is caused by problems/blockage of the Meibomian glands on the lid rim which affects the discharge of the essential oily film which is necessary to protect the tear layer

Dry Eye Assessment; One of the treatments provided in our Dry Eye Programme is Blephex. This Award Winning process is the only proven method of successfully treating Blepharitis which is a significant contributor to tear film instability and consequently Dry Eye. Over time a bio-film develops on the lids which blocks the oily secretions from the Meibomian Glands allowing bacteria to exist and cause further complications. A soft medical grade sponge is gently moved across the lids while it spins to effectively remove debris and bacteria that build up and cause blockage of the glands on the eyelids. Our lids and lashes are the only part of the body that doesn’t get washed and the process is like a scaling treatment at the Dentist.

Check out the video on Blephex: