Myopia Control

Myopia Control

Myopia Explained

Myopia is the clinical term for short sightedness. The eyeball is too long or the focusing too strong causing objects in the distance to appear blurred Generally it develops at an early age and progresses unchecked over time. Myopia is what we usually refer to as short sight. It develops when we are young and frequently progresses until mid to late teens.

Over time the result of advancing myopia is more blurred vision in the distance and ever increasing thicker lenses in your glasses.

What are the risks of Myopia?

The fact that your child/grandchild has good eyesight and does not wear glasses does not exempt them from the possibility of becoming myopic and consequently at risk of a variety of sight threating situations. Being pro active before myopia develops is a hugely positive factor in protecting children's sight. It's recommended to take action around the age of 6 and before short sight,( myopia,) starts to develop.

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