​After years of suffering with double vision with both long and short distances struggling to drive and read, having non-stop headaches because of it. Having constant trips back and forth to my opticians with no resolve, with referrals back and forth to the hospital for examinations, to be told I just have to exercise my eyes! I was really fed up, unhappy and stressed about it.

After changing opticians hoping to get some help, my new optician decided to refer me to Bill Hay at Jenson and Ledingham. I am so grateful that he did, I was genuinely shocked, surprised and so excited when I sat in the chair and I could see single vision for the first time in about 7 years. I had wasted so much time with the Hospital/NHS where they just could do nothing to help or weren’t willing to do anything. Bill Hay took the time to help me prescribe me lenses that worked for me. I now have no headaches, I can drive safely and working at my computer is now a doddle and I feel amazing for it. I will happily refer Jenson and Ledingham to anyone and everyone.

G. Mathieson