​My son Jonathon Niemi was diagnosed with Dyspraxia with visual problems by The Glasgow Dyslexic Institute in 2002, aged 9. I found the details of the Vision Therapy treatment offered by Mr Bill Hay, Jenson and Ledingham Opticians, Aberdeen online, and as we live in Aviemore, Inverness-shire, this was only 100 miles away. I arranged a consultation to see what was offered. Jonathon was examined by Mr Hay and we were told that he could treat Jonathon, but he would need to work with a neuro-developmental therapist first. This took a year of various exercises being performed on a daily basis, we were then re-referred back to Mr Hay. Jonathon was then scheduled for vision therapy treatment in the summer of 2003. This comprised of a number of tests being performed before the treatment started, 20 x 1 hour sessions (twice daily for 2 weeks) and the initial tests being repeated on the last session. I was present for both sets of tests. The difference in the tests was amazing, with Jonathon’s field of vision increasing from a circle approximately the size of 10p piece to full page size. The dyspraxia was resolved once his vision was back to normal. As a result of the Vision therapy, Jonathon was taken off the Special Needs list, and continued to thrive in his school environment. He progressed to High School, where there was no need to tell them of his previous dyspraxia. He obtained 7 standard grades and 4 Highers at High School and went on to be offered a place at Robert Gordon University to do Surveying.

I was extremely pleased with the treatment given to Jonathon, and I have no doubt that Jonathon would not have achieved his potential without it. Mr Bill Hay provided a very professional and much needed therapy.

J. Niemi