For all of our daughter’s primary school years she had problems with reading. Our own local optician said she was dyslexic and gave her yellow over-sheets and the school accepted this without any further tests. She was going to Academy and was worried about using the yellow sheets and how to read
the overhead projectors so we asked about glasses.

We were referred to Jenson & Ledingham Opticians as the local optician couldn’t do this. We were met by lovely, friendly staff and Bill took my daughter into a room and performed the necessary tests and said she was not dyslexic but she had Behavioural Optometric Vision.

I had never heard of this and was quite upset that after all these years our daughter had actually struggled and we didn’t notice. We went for her year check up and her eyesight has improved so much that she only has to wear them for reading now. We thank Bill and his staff so much
as this has made such a dramatic difference in our teenagers life.

Jennifer P.