​In 2012 the school our daughter attends said that she might benefit from vision therapy. She found reading very difficult, skipped lines and became tired and frustrated after a relatively short period of time. In addition, she enjoyed sport but found catching a ball difficult.

As a result of these issues she lacked confidence. We live near Arbroath and found Jenson and Ledingham Opticians through the internet. We spoke to Mr Hay about the problems that Hannah was having and he undertook an assessment of the issues. The initial report confirmed a lot of the observations we had made ourselves and that Hannah’s teachers had identified.

Mr Hay explained the issues that he could help with through glasses and vision therapy, what it would involve and how long it would take. The treatment involved a week of two appointments a day and then less frequent appointments with exercises to do at home. Mr Hay explained that the majority of the exercises he was suggesting were outside what would be available on the NHS but that he had found them to be useful in similar cases.

Many of the issues are difficult to quantify but after about 2 months of treatment we saw a very marked improvement in Hannah’s reading. This encouraged her to continue with the exercises at home which reaped further benefits. Rather than finding the repeated sessions tiresome or difficult, Hannah greatly enjoyed them which re-enforced her enthusiasm to improve her reading. The amazing improvement in Hannah’s reading ability was remarked upon by her teachers.

Over the next 2 years Mr Hay provided additional exercises which he considered would improve Hannah’s reading further. He very much responded to how Hannah had improved and tailor-made his exercises for Hannah. A quantifiable problem that Hannah had was poor peripheral vision; this has improved enormously since doing exercises and Hannah finds it much easier to catch a ball as a result.

All the improvements have helped Hannah from a confidence point of view and we are enormously grateful for the work Mr Hay did for her. It has really changed her life. We travelled regularly from Arbroath to Aberdeen to the appointments over a period and would not hesitate to do this again if necessary.