​Neil and I wanted to let you know that this week Jessie is sitting her prelims, something that without your help might not have been possible. We first contacted you when Jessie was in her final primary school year and really struggling, she complained when reading that the words moved around and she was assessed by an educational psychologist who thought she was dyslexic and referred her to vision and learning support. We went back to her optician whom she had attended since age three and who the hospital recommended, she was given a stronger set of lenses. Vision support suggested coloured plastic sheets, none of which seemed to help. We saw a sign in your window offering dyslexia support and picked up some leaflets. I investigated visual support and contacted vision support for advice, whilst they weren’t officially allowed to recommend a practitioner they had heard very positive reports about the work you were doing and we decided to give it a go.

Jessie’s first visit was remarkable, your machine had broke down and you had to revert to the ‘traditional’ way of selecting lenses, Jessie couldn’t believe it she was able to see better than she ever had, her original prescription had been far too strong. We had also decided to try the visual therapy as the initial assessment was very concerning, it was obvious that there was confusion between her brain and visual functions. Jessie enjoyed the programme and all the exercises she had to do at home. The turning point came when on day three she went to sit at the dining table and suddenly cried out with fascination that she could see the whole table and wondered if I could!

The work you did with Jessie was superb and the support and encouragement much appreciated. You fully understood the problems Jessie was experiencing and tailormade a programme to suit. At Jessie’s final assessment the improvement was incredible and at school
the teachers we’re amazed at the progress Jessie made and by the time she went to the Academy she was reading fluently and learning support was no longer required.

We can’t thank you enough for your what you did for Jessie and your knowledge of Visual Therapy and dedication to your patients is second to none and we hope you are able to offer this service to many children in the future.

Neil and Lisa Mclean.