This is to confirm that I received visual therapy through William A.K. Hay at ]enson & Ledingham Options, between November 2003 and January 2005.

In April 2003, I suffered from a whiplash injury. This resulted, among others, in symptoms of severe frontal headaches after near work and head movements, and reading inaccuracies. Fatigue came on very easily. For example, near work was possible only one hour, reading was possible for 30 minutes. This was followed by severe frontal headaches, vertigo and focusing problems. My medical doctor reduced my working capacity following the injury to 0 – 250/0.

In a desperate search for help and by recommendation of an associate, I researched on possibilities for the kind of visual therapy Bill Hay provides. Due to lack of appropriate practitioners in Switzerland, I decided to fly to Aberdeen for various segments of treatment. Following the initial treatment, my medical doctor provided a progress report to my insurance company with the comment “significant improvement” fcopy of report available upon request).

As a result, I continue further segments of treatment in pursuit of full restoration. It is due to Bill Hay’s professional care that I was able to return to my professional activities at a full scale. In fact, I am currently working on a research and writing project that requires extensive reading, writing and focus.

Rahel W.